Good day, my SEO heroes! I hope you are well. Search Engine Academy stays on top of what’s going on in the SEO world, and today we have something new to share with you.

Unless you’ve been living in the wilderness off the grid, you are probably aware that Google has rolled out it’s own social media platform called Google Plus or Google +.

Here’s four things you may not know about Google +:

If you’re optimized for local SEO by claiming and applying SEO to your local business listing, it’s now been rolled into Google Plus. If you haven’t claimed your business listing and you haven’t done jack to your Google Plus profile, now is a good time to apply some SEO to both.

You can create many pages or “communities” in Google Plus. You can make them public or private, whatever floats your boat. Of course, if you create a community page for your business, I bet you’re going to want it to be public, aren’t ya? Uh huh. I wrote up a post about Google Plus Communities back in December.

There are some cool tools to help you understand what’s going on in Google Plus:

Circle Count

This is a very useful tool that shows you stats about your profile and circles. You can also see what pages and profiles are ranking, which profiles are popular and more.

Circle Count is a website to see Google Plus stats and more

You can also view statistics for Google Plus profiles and communities based on:

  • Gender
  • Top 10
  • Countries
  • Follower Distribution

and more!

Plug in your own profile URL to see how you’re doing:

Enter your G+ URL to see your circles information

Your profile will come up. It will look something like this:

Your G+ information on Circle Count

Go ahead and click on yours to see this type of information:

Google Plus Profile Information

Specific G+ profile information in Circle Count

Once you get some traction in G+, you’ll get a circle ranking. You can also scroll the dates down on the right and see on any day how many people joined or left your circles as well.

Here’s another very interesting Google Plus tool:

Google + Statistics

On this site, you can easily see the Google + top 100, the top 5 G+ movers and shakers, who’s falling in popularity, and the hottest posts around Google Plus.

The Top G+ Statistics, Profiles and Communities

You can add your profile to see how it’s performing, but as of this writing, when I add mine, it goes to a blank screen. Huh. Go figure!

But you can see the top pages in terms of numbers of followers, so if you’re trying to find high-population communities to join and post to, this is a great way to quickly zero in on the biggies.

Individual profile as seen on

Click on any of the images to see specific information and statistics for that profile or community. From this page, you can click on the profile or community page, and you’ll be taken to it on Google Plus.

Now that you’re there, check out this feature from G+: Ripples…take a look at this, SEO peeps. On any G+ page, click on the down arrow in any post as shown below and choose “View Ripples:”

Pretty cool, huh? So, how did I figure all this out? I am not the brightest bunny in the forest although it ain’t for lack of trying, but I did download Guy Kawasaki’s free ebook on Google Plus and while reading it, I discovered these things and more.

So there you have it, my SEO peeps…four things about Google Plus you may not have known, but now that you do, share the love of this post and spread the word, umkay?