Examine A Few Huge Hot Keywords Around the Android Smartphone

These observations will be of primary interest for companies attempting to obtain organic visibility around a smartphone product like the Android. The results I am publishing here come from Wordtracker’s API for Google. While I will only be publishing a few examples, there are many more trends available for Wordtracker members to explore.

A bit of Wordtracker background first:

Historically, for keyword researchers wanting to find fair to high search volume combined with lower competition, the trend has always been to watch for extremely high KEI (or keyword Effectiveness Index.) The higher the KEI value for the specific phrase, you can generally find lower competition based on busy phrases that are actually being searched with on Google.

KEI stands for “keyword effectiveness index” and in general, the higher the KEI value the bigger and better the window of opportunity is. KEI is not perfect, but mixed with the right methods that I teach in my e-book,  Wordtracker still delivers the goods the way it has over the last 11 years.

Here are a few random observations for companies interested in marketing the Android:

Exact Keyword Phrase                                     Popularity                                   Competition                         KEI Factor
(words in exact keyword proximity)       (# Searches/Year)           (# competing pages)

android tablets review                                         60,500                                    58                                       81,300,000

market for android                                          1,500,000                                 696                                2,260,000,000

top android applications                                  135,000                                  140                                     120,000,000

free android downloads                                      22,200                                   149                                          7,950,000

the android phone                                          1,000,000                            12,500                                    311,000,000

Oh yes, and it appears there are a lot of folks asking the question…

what is android                                              16,600,000                               3,140                          165,000,000,000

free apps android                                                165,000                                    335                                     112,000,000

I’ll end this list of examples here, but there are several hundreds more fascinating keyword phrases to discover if you have a Wordtracker Membership. I’ll continue with a whole new series of keyword observations for the next several weeks in a variety of industries. While you’re sure to see some great
things, please keep in mind that I am, by no means posting all of the very best “windows of opportunity” here for free.  You’ll need a membership to dig deeper into your keywords so try the 7 day free trial to
see for yourself at www.Wordtracker.com