Good day, my web owner heroes! What does your content marketing strategy look like? Does it include SEO? I bet it does. Let’s go over a few things about content marketing and SEO, shall we?

Content marketing is all about understanding what your target audience needs from you to solve a problem they have, and your solutions that erases their pain. It’s done by researching, planning, optimizing and publishing a variety of content pieces to connect with prospects and build the relationship to the point they want your solution, not your competition’s.

Some of the different types of content you can expect to plan, create and publish are:

  • Web pages – primarily optimized landing pages
  • Blog posts – written primarily around industry challenges and issues, and the solutions
  • White papers/case studies – these are created to highlight a company’s expertise at solving the challenge the prospect has
  • Webinars – educational sessions designed to capture leads and offer unique, useful, valuable information to build relationships with prospects
  • Videos – pretty much the same as webinars; may require an email address to review. These are good for lead generation.

Actually, all the content types shown above are designed to capture leads, educate prospects, build relationships and improve conversion rates.

In addition, email marketing campaigns are a huge part of content marketing to continue “touching” the prospect and moving her through the sales cycle.

Can you see why SEO is a player in all of this? Sure!

Every content piece listed above needs to be optimized to show up high in search results. Talk about heavy keyword research – it’s an ongoing process!  Fresh, unique content needs to be created around keyword phrases that are topics of interest. Consider these:project management methodologies

  • program management skills
  • business data analysis
  • VA approved flight schools

You get the idea.

So, you as the SEO professional are very involved in content marketing. You also report on the success of optimized content by downloading reports from Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools.

Who does content marketing strategy?

Pretty much any marketing agency that specializes in digital or online marketing now has a comprehensive range of services they offer clients. No matter what level, they all need SEO as part of the package. Why not learn a few SEO basics and draw in more traffic?

Why not join us at a Search Engine Academy class soon? We teach you the latest white hat SEO processes, strategies and information that’s recommended by Google. We hope to see you soon!

Until we meet again, keep it between the ditches!

All the best,