Like other social networking websites, Pinterest has become an effective Internet marketing resource for many small to medium businesses. While it hasn’t reached the numbers of visitors of larger websites like Facebook and Twitter, it’s steadily gaining momentum.

Consequently, Pinterest is a website that can bring in a considerable amount of traffic to your business when utilised correctly. With that being said, let’s discuss some ways to effectively use Pinterest for your business.

Fit In

One of the most important aspects of using Pinterest is to make sure that the products your business sells fit into the overall scheme of Pinterest. At this point in time, the majority of Pinterest users are female and thus products that appeal to the female demographic will do very well.

With that said, however, Pinterest is gaining popularity with male users every week and have many categories that are of interest to their current male users. Categories that have proven to be popular with males include: Cars & Motorcycles, Fitness, Geek, Men’s Apparel, Outdoors, Photography, Science and Nature, Sports and Technology.


Another way to optimise your pins is to make them aesthetically pleasing. In most cases, this can be accomplished by making sure your boards are uncluttered and relatively simplistic. One of the biggest ways to turn off potential customers is to over complicate your boards and give them a messy appearance. Since humans are visual creatures, ensuring that your boards are appealing to the eye can go a long way.

Integrating other information besides focusing solely on products can also be helpful. When you only focus on promoting your items, it comes across as overly self serving and can hurt your credibility. To avoid this you could include things like tips or niche related information.


It’s also vital for you to appropriately categorise your boards. For example, if you have a board that features tee shirts, you should place it under a category such as clothing, fashion or apparel. Doing so makes it easier for potential customers to find your boards and can boost your traffic numbers.


Along with all the other things, you should be thoroughly engaged in the Pinterest community. Just like other social networking sites, being active on a consistent basis tends to help you acquire more friends or followers than not being an active member of the Pinterest community. For example, you should repin items that you like and that fit in with the type of business you have.

Also try commenting on items and follow other users, particularly those that have achieved popularity because in many cases they will follow you back and they have a greater reach to people on Pinterest.

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