Here at Search Engine Academy, while we teach search engine optimization (SEO), we also realize that a digital marketing strategy augments the SEO that’s done for a business product or service. So, SEO comrade…have you worked with a digital marketing agency?

I had the privilege of providing contract SEO services to a digital marketing firm last year and it was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

How Digital Marketing Benefits You

Digital marketing & SEOIf you’re an SEOer who hasn’t participated in an integrated marketing effort, I recommend you find an opportunity to participate in a digital marketing program or project. You’ll be a better SEO professional for the experience. Here’s why:

You’ll realize that optimizing a website is just one step to get traffic and visibility. While search engine visibility is critical, it’s not the only way you should rely on getting conversions for your products and services. There’s email, newsletters, white papers, videos and podcasts that are just as valuable for attracting your target market. I was amazed at how fast we could get better results in the SERPs by doing multiple marketing strategies.

You’re part of a team that gets results. Sure, doing effective SEO yields results over time. But I was amazed at how quickly more prospects could be made aware of products and services when a team effort was done in a short period of time to jump start a marketing campaign. I’m talking about mere days, not weeks or months.

You’ll learn how other digital marketing skills, processes, and strategies work. Once you realize the possibilities, you’ll be able to share this knowledge with future clients and colleagues. Sharing this information builds relationships, which can lead to business partnerships!

You’ll see how to adjust your SEO strategy on the fly. Since we’re talking hours, you’ll be directed to do adjust or fine tune your SEO efforts for landing pages. You’ll see how making small changes can make a big difference for conversions.

You’ll have a chance to teach marketing professionals how content marketing SEO works. Don’t assume all marketing pros understand SEO like you do. This is your chance to show them how critical SEO is to the overall marketing goals and objectives. I had a chance to teach web copy writers how to optimize their drafts with a chosen keyword phrase. They loved it!

You’ll learn about new business verticals. If you’ve been working with certain business verticals on your own, this is a chance to understand new industries, which could broaden your SEO portfolio. There’s nothing wrong with understanding multiple business verticals to get you more business.

Digital marketing online includes blogs, email campaigns, PPC, webinars, podcasts, and more. You’ll have a chance to apply SEO to all of these elements.

So, if you’re out and about business networking and you meet a representative from a digital marketing agency, make friends with her and learn more about what her agency needs. You never know–they might just need a sharp SEOer like yourself!

Until next time, keep it between the ditches!

All the best to you,