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Many of the lessons taught at Search Engine Academy here actually involve the process
of creativity. The first thing to realize is that whether you are more analytical or
more creative, that both thinking styles are important. Not just for creative writing,
but literally for enhancing any type new creative approach.
It is possible for a team of creative people to come up with literally dozens or even hundreds
of new ideas (which will often separate someone from their competition.) However, the best
results will never be achieved only by coming up with brand new innovations, unless there are
the analytical or logical thinkers who can take the ideas and find ways to make them a reality. 

Consider Disney's Early Approach to Creativity
The way Walt Disney viewed it back in the early days was to separate the logical talent from
the creative talent. His creative right brained thinkers were all brought together in a room
and encouraged to just go wild with their ideas. Eventually, he called them "imagineers" and
rightly so. 

Disney believed that there was a valid place for both creative and the analytical thinkers and
the only difference was that the Imagineers were in one room being creative, coming up with cartoon
movie plots, ideas for adventure stories, or adapting established stories over for the screen for
maximum entertainment value while the more left brained, analytical, logical types were also engineers
but of a different type. 

They were the builders who's job it was to make the Imagineer's visions into a reality by creating
and building a production and bringing it to reality. The same is true today at companies that try
to get a mix of creative help along with a mix of balanced, logical thinkers. But for the sake of
this article, I want to focus on the area of creativity and offer you a few tips that can help you
become more creative. 

10 Creativity Tips: 

1. Most experts agree that it is far easier to be creative when you are doing something that is fun to do.
Some of our best ideas for Search Engine Workshops were stimulated for example by going for a walk in one
of the parks at Disney world. Even though you are having fun, you can still think about new ideas and the
ideas will come easier to you while you are relaxed. Children often come up with new ideas when they
are playing a game. Adults are no different. If you are stressing to come up with some new creative idea,
stop stressing or stop putting yourself under pressure. Instead, go out and do something you enjoy. 

2. Some of the most creative business minds understand the importance of playing and some companies will
equip their employee's work place with things like a gym, a pool table or perhaps a ping pong table, so
employees can take a break and relax once in a while. 

3. You may not feel like you are much of an artist, but try giving yourself the opportunity to sketch your
ideas on paper or even just doodling can bring about some creative aspects to life sometimes. 

4. I know of one company that has employees feel free to bring their pet to work maybe one day a week.
As strange as it sounds, this also can put people in a more relaxed state. 

5. It's hard for some people to realize why the shell of the first computer server ever made at Google
by founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin was actually built from toy Lego blocks. 

6. The original legendary animators at Disney, were encouraged to create whatever characters they
were bringing to life, by studying the actual animal's behavior. For example for Bambi, the artists
had the opportunity to study a real dear's movements. For some characters they used their creativity
to soften certain features to make them look Disney cute. The first drawings of Jimminy Cricket were
a little too realistic and creepy, animator in Ward Kimbal worked on Jimminy until he was the
character we all recognize today. 

7. Sometimes, you want to be the originator of something new, but it can seem so hard to know where to
get started. If you have an image of what the finished creation might be, sometimes it's possible to
start by visualizing the finished result and then work backwards in incremental steps. This works for
story writing and can help with formulating interesting plot twists. 

8. Creativity is extremely helpful when mixed with other types of technical skills such as programming or
even doing effective keyword research for search engine optimization. Some of the most powerful keyword
observations I've made are not in just taking the logical approach or going after the most obvious
keywords that first pop into your mind. 

9. When you do have new ideas or come up with something that no one else is doing, be sure to take the all
important step of testing your ideas. There are some people that continually come up with innovative ideas,
but that's where they stop. Test all your ideas to see how they work out. 

10. Try not to fall into the trap of continually trying to examine and copy the competition. So many times
you will experience much greater benefit, by developing something new. You become the trail blazer and establish
new foothold through your own creativity and innovations. The obvious benefit here, is that it puts you ahead of
the competition because you created it first.
Many of the lessons taught at Search Engine Academy here, actually involve the process of creativity. Take a look
at the day by day breakdown of our complete workshop training agenda here.