Hey there, webmaster warriors! Did you know you can build a website if you’re getting hitched? Also, if you want to get pregnant (ladies only, am I right?) and buy a home, there are two more useful websites to peruse! I’m going to bring this up on my next SEO workshop next week!

It’s a concept I stumbled upon. My partner’s friend is getting married way up in Massachusetts (AKA “Taxachusetts,” LOL) and he sent her this lovely, lovely URL to gaze upon. He and his fiance have this site set up (no, no URL for you to go look at) and this is a concept I’d never even thought of, but somebody did, so good for them.

Build A Website With TheKnot.Com

build a websiteYes, this company, The Knot, specializes in creating classy websites if you’re getting married. You choose from lovely, tasteful templates and populate the pages with your own content! Their web development team has some great designs to set up for you and your beloved.

I just never thought of building a site for those of us who are not celebs. Of course, famous folks don’t need dedicated websites – that’s just the gossip sheets are for.

But anyways, I think it’s pretty cool! For weddings, you have these content areas to fill:

  • Welcome (home)
  • Our Proposal
  • Ceremony & Reception
  • Guest Information
  • Honeymoon
  • Photo Album
  • Our Registries
  • Guest Book
  • RSVP

I have to admit, it’s a nice neat concept – you can select gifts, donate money, do your RSVPing, sign the guest book…not too bad! It’s not on your own domain, but if you’re just going to drop the site post-wedding, who cares?

Now I’ve create this article and waded through these sites, I get the concept. First, you get married, then you move onto the next site which is…

The pregnancy site is thebump.com. Haha. I like that! It has a lot of useful information for moms to be – an ovulation calendar, fertility chart, baby milestone tracker for the project manager in you, a due date calculator and more!

There’s newborn baby advice and a butt-ton of links for baby names in more languages than you shake a stick at! I’m not sure if you can get these kind folks to build a pregnancy countdown site for you, but I wouldn’t be shocked either. I just can’t find the link looking at the site.

OK, now that you’re expecting, it’s time to think about a house!

And then we have thenest.com If nothing else, I admire whoever snagged these domain names. They are worth a ton of money. The nest is all about getting a home, love & sex, food and recipes. Cool!

You also get holiday and anniversary ideas, as well as content on topics about getting out of debt and saving money. This is a busy, busy website. It covers a lot of territory.

There are also some very handy calculators for savings and mortgages, so very useful! Again, not sure if you can build a site for yourself on these topics, but the sites are beautiful, have a clean design, load fast and genuinely contain useful content.
So anyways, good to know you can plan all the major milestones in life with three helpful websites – enjoy!

Until we meet again…keep it between the ditches, umkay?

All the best to you,