While it's true that some people find some challenges tapping 
into their own creative thinking,the good news is that no matter 
where you are now, with a little practice literally anyone can
become more creative if they practice brainstorming. Whether you 
are starting a new business or simply trying to be innovative, not 
only can your flow of creative thinking be possible; it's nearly
guaranteed when you know how to do it tap into it. Here's the 
critical element of realization and your key to becoming more 
spontaneous and original. 
The truth is that you are always creating something. Maybe you 
just don't feel creative enough sometimes, but when you really 
think about it, some people tend to create their own hardships,
while others seem to know how to create abundance. 
The main thing to remember is that by the decisions and choices we choose to make in our lives,
we have created everything that is in your life, whether you think it's good or not. The secret
is to be purposeful in what you bring into your life. Everything in your life is not always the
result of your circumstances or surroundings. 
People today are quick to lay blame on anything, (so long as it's not their own selves.)
That's a pretty good way to stay stuck in one spot. You are responsible for what you choose
to believe. 
If it's not very pretty at the moment, then it's a simple matter of changing your
thoughts and beliefs to start attracting different results.Think the same way and make the same
choices usually will result in a similar behavior and ultimately similar results. Not happy with
the results? This is where you can choose to be different and learn to exercise your ability to
think creatively. Different thinking can produce varied behavior and totally different results.
The next logical question is how do you change your thoughts and beliefs so you can
start elevating your ability to render creative solutions? It will take conscious effort,
but over time and with practice your conscious mind will start programming your subconscious
mind, and that's when the real magic starts to happen. Suddenly you are not following the crowd. 
Suddenly your creative thought begins to shine and with experience you'll begin to
see some advantages.
What are the advantages for someone who can see things creatively and from a totally
different perspective. Heightened creativity for in your decision making often unlocks and
opense entirely new gateways of opportunity for you. Suddenly, instead of being faced with
the most familliar challenges your creative ability has paved the most direct route to what
felt only moments before, like a complex maze.
 Creativity opens up new gateways
Tips to help you on your road to creativity:
One of the best tips I can ever give someone who is having difficulty releasing
their creative trends is simply this. Find yourself a partner who you can brainstorm with. One
creative idea upon another creative thought forms tremendous creative trends, so long as both
partners remain respectful and try to build positively on one anothers ideas. In these
brainstorming times of idea building, there should never be any negative thinking allowed to be
There should never be a "bad idea." All ideas are good ideas and as you and your
partner fashion a new innovation, there needs to be total liberty to let the dialog flow.
Creative thinking is not usually "logical thinking" or analytical thinking. 
There should be no interuption based on some limitation or some fact being expressed
such as, "that would never work? or "we can't afford this - it would be to expensive." Those
types of comments only cut off your creative flow. When your brainstorming some new concept
or idea, let your logic accept that literally anything is possible, so as to maintain your
creative ebb and flow.
So many times when I have been working on behalf of a client or brainstorming for an
alternative solution to a traditional challenge, I've found that once the concept is
hammered out clearly and now I'm onto something different in approach, very often the logical
type challenges also are solved in time.  
Creating something new and original is all about having the right mindset and
focusing on the right things. You need to believe that you will ultimately be creative enough
to get all of your ducks in a row. Believing you "can" is not the same as believing you "will".
And "hoping" or having a sense of hope is not quite the same as "expecting". You have to believe
you will see your creative vision actually happen and you have to have confidence that it
shall be evidenced with a positive expectation. It's never a matter of whether of your
creativity will work well enough, but only a question of timing how soon it will arrive.
Remember for some people creativity seems harder than for others. But it is do
different than any other strength like a bicep muscle in your arm, the more you exercise it, the
stronger you will become. Your muscles grow strong by reason of use and so will your creative
ability. Regardless of what you are creating as the saying goes, practice - makes perfect.
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