In this article I share Tips for tapping into creativity and a short book review on Accidental Genius
by Author Mark Levy.

The Human Brain is a Powerhouse:

The human mind is a powerful thing that has great strengths that are often never realized to full capacity. Our brains bring back all kinds of memories that can triggered by simple events. For example sometimes your mind can literally pull back childhood memories long forgotten, triggered by for example the smell of cinnamon at the breakfast table.

What about our mind’s ability to create vivid dreams in our sleep and we don’t need to even try, it just happens. What is that triggers creativity in us and are there ways anyone become more creative? You can be sure there is, so let’s give you a few tips.

Being Original:

Sometimes, you want to be the originator of something new, but it can seem so hard to know where to get started. If you have an image of what the finished creation might be, sometimes it’s possible to start by visualizing the finished result and then work backwards in incremental steps. This works for story writing and can help with formulating interesting plot twists.

Book Review: Accidental Genius by Mark Levy

Releasing Creativity Within you through the use of freewriting:

One very interesting way of helping you manifest thoughts with more brilliance is described by Author Mark Levy in his book called “Accidental Genious.” While this book review will only be short, Author Mark Levy describes what he calls “free writing” techniques that help you tap into your deepest creative mind and generate your very best ideas, insights and content. The book is an excellent read and begins by describing the 6 secrets to Freewriting.

According to Mark, “We all have an internal editor that cleans up what we are thinking so we can sound smart and in control and can fit in. this editor helps us live more politely among other people, but it hurts our ability to think differently and more powerfully.” The shows you exercises and helps you understand freewriting through 28 chapters eye opening, thought stirring advice. This is not only ideal for bloggers and for writers but it contains excellent advice for anyone who wants to become more creative.

For those that want to learn how to get your best thoughts out of your head and onto paper, I highly recommend you consider reading Accidental Genius by Mark Levy. The second edition is out now and it is chocked full of excellent advice on how to use Freewriting as a fast method to get your best thoughts onto paper and it enables you to reach a deep level of “thinking” that is otherwise difficult to attain during the course of a normal day.

Creativity and Blogging Tips:

Are there ways to be more creative in your blogging practices?

You bet there are. One of the most important things to Bloggers is the topics they choose to write about. Write about something you know and something you enjoy yourself. It could be anything from a hobby you have to something that appeals to nostalgic memories.

Let’s take music for example. If you are knowledgeable about music, then perhaps you want to talk about your background or interesting experiences from the past. Were you involved in a band or in the music industry? What types of music do you relate to or can you shed some light or your views on a specific genre.

Can you see how writing good content on music might attract others who have similar interests. Writing about some experience that you had as a musician or for that matter as someone attending a certain concert event, may hold some great appeal.

Would you be interested in hearing what it was like to share New Years Eve with Elvis Presley at one of his final concerts?

If you were an Elvis fan, perhaps you were one of the 82,000 people in Pontiac Michigan on New Years Eve (like I was) in one of his later performances. I can describe every detail of what it was like at only 22 rows from the stage and the events of that night which as an Elvis fan, I’ll always remember.

Remember the power of nostalgia when you Blog about your experiences.

One last favorite tip of my own, is that if you feel like you have writers block or feel stuck for new creative ideas, then take a break and do something different, something fun or something that you don’t normally do.

For example, Some of our best ideas for Search Engine Academy Workshops were stimulated by going for a walk in one of the parks at Disney world.  Even though you are having fun, you can still think about new ideas and the ideas will come easier to you while you are relaxed. Children often come up with new ideas when they are playing a game. Adults are no different. If you are stressing to come up with some new creative idea, stop stressing or stop putting yourself under that pressure. Instead, back off for a couple of hours and go out and do something you enjoy. But make sure to take along your journal so if you do get some fabulous new ideas, you can write them down as they occur to you.