Although creating an effective blog is one of the best forms of Internet marketing for small business, most people neglect to set one up for their company. Blogging for business is an effective way to get exposure for your product or service, and failing to create a blog for your business could be costing you potential sales and profits.

What is Blogging?

Blog, short for “web log”, is an online record that gives more information about a topic, product or service. Think of your blog as an online journal. Unlike static web pages, blog owners update their content on a regular basis, creating a newsletter-type of forum that attracts return visitors. Blogging on a regular basis will keep your customers updated on events, news and new product or service releases by your company.

How Does Blogging Benefit a Company?

The biggest benefit of blogging for a small business is that the search engines love blogs. By their very nature, they feature fresh content which helps them rank higher with engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Secondly, they deliver relevant information, which also makes them more likely to be picked up in a search. Blogs can be used to sell a product, but they are most effective when their main focus is to share information as a majority of Internet users go online to find information.

By having a blog, you can deliver the information readers are seeking while also drawing them to your site. Blogging is an excellent way to gain new readers who will turn into new clients.

How to Get Started in Blogging

Getting started with blogging is easy. You can add a blog to your existing site or start one that is its own site. There are many free blog platforms such as WordPress and Blogger that allow you to configure your blog entirely for free. These platforms offer user-friendly tools that will make keeping your blog updated a cinch.

Your blog should feature up-to-date information and media such as videos, podcasts, photos and relevant links. Make sure to keep your blog updated on a regular basis to attract new visitors and keep old ones. You should also use your blog to link your reader to your product or service- think of your blog as a sales representative for your company.

Setting up a blog for your business is essential in today’s competitive marketplace. By using this simple tool, you can increase your site’s visibility, gain new customers and enjoy greater profitability.

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