What Comes to Your Mind When You Read “SEO”?

Confusion? Overwhelm? Despair?

If that sounds familiar, and you want to eliminate those bad SEO vibes, you need to read on…

Ever find yourself wandering (and wondering!) through all the SEO information on the web?  With so many websites, blogs, social media posts and videos out there, is there a place for the small business owner or professional to just get a straight forward plan to apply to their website – without trekking all the way through every corner of the wild and mysterious jungle of SEO?

If you’ve ever muttered something like, “I just need a map!”, in regards to optimizing your website for the search engines, you have stumbled into the right village.  Our experienced “jungle” guide, Ross Barefoot has what you need.  We call it, Real World SEO: Essentials!  However, this isn’t just a map stand at the corner jungle mart… Ross walks you through the jungle, showing you the skills necessary to navigate safely through the dangers and pitfalls.

Real SEO Training for Real Businesses

Real World SEO: Essentials is a nine-module video training from Master SEO Trainer, Ross Barefoot, of the Search Engine Academy.  Ross distils the skills and knowledge necessary to optimize a typical business website down into a format that is easily understood by a business owner or manager AND gives you action steps to improve your website.  All this without needing PhDs in computer science, digital marketing or business management.

Here are Just Some of the Vital SEO “Secrets” You’ll Start Applying Even Before the Course is Over:

  • Evaluate your own website and look for common issues that could be keeping you invisible on Google
  • Identify those key words and phrases that will bring paying customers to your website, and not just “traffic”
  • Know how to create content that will tell Google your website is relevant to your customers, and show it to them in search results
  • Understand what to look for in creating relationships with other websites that can give you authority and visitors
  • Feel confident in turning website visitors into buyers
  • End the confusion about what to do next

For this special introduction of our first online SEO training course, readers of the Search Engine Academy blog can take the first 3 modules of the course for no charge whatsoever.  Here’s how you get started: http://teachseo.co/rwseo-e-seatrial-e (this link will take you to the Ruzuku training platform to take the course).

If you’re already convinced that you need the full training, skip the trial and save $100 by clicking on this immediate enrollment link: http://teachseo.co/rwseo-e-sea100e.