Good day!!! Search Engine Academy teaches a basic and an advanced SEO course. Our five day course consists of both online SEO classes added together. Our education committee is always updating course materials, and I wanted to let you know what skills you can learn with our advanced search engine optimization course.

What Our Online SEO Class Covers

For one thing, we teach you advanced keyword research that takes advantage of the Google Hummingbird algorithm update. Semantic search is being emphasized with this algorithm change, and we discovered ways to find hundreds of keyword phrases that line up really well with the new search formula.

We also show you what Information Architecture (IA) is, and how to use it in your SEO strategy. IA is critical for increasing visitor interaction, reducing the site’s bounce rate, raising the number of pages visited and making it easy for your target market to find your most important content.

Have you ever heard of Natural Language Processing (NLP)? We teach you what it is and how to use it for SEO.

We go deep into local SEO by showing you advanced strategies that are necessary to show up well in local search results. You’ll see how to make the most of business listings that are available at no cost to you. We show you exactly how to optimize those listings to rank high.

You’ll also see how apply search engine optimization to your videos, how to distribute them, and measure their reach. Mobile SEO is somewhat separate from your desktop SEO efforts and we go over how to do it right. There are some “gotcha!” considerations you need to know to avoid duplicate content penalties.

The second day of the advanced course is all things Google. If you’ve ever wondered how to set up and manage a pay per click campaign, we go over that step by step. Are you curious about how to make Google Plus and Google Authorship work for you? We got you covered–you’ll see how to create profiles in Google Plus that leverage your Google Authorship successfully.

Does mastering Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools appeal to you? We teach you advanced “power user” tactics in Analytics, and we show you exactly what Webmaster tools can do to improve your site.

We go in-depth on Google Panda and Penguin and how you can recover from these penalties, but we really hope you don’t get hit by them in the first place!

On the third day we cover fun stuff, like competitive intelligence for SEO (AKA “spying on the competition”), social media for SEO, (a poorly understood, woefully under-used but incredibly power SEO tactic), site technical issues that may have stumped you, and more.

If you’re considering doing SEO as a career, we also show you how to start your career by uncovering great markets to target, getting those first clients, and more.

If you have questions about our advanced online SEO course, why not contact us to learn more? We’d be glad to answer all of your questions!

Until we meet again, keep it between the ditches, my web owner heroes!

All the best,