You put up a website and now you need to start generating fast online traffic. There a numerous ways to do this some free and some not. This is your choice and may also depend on what kind of budget you have. At the Search Engine Academy we usually start with the subject of SEO or search engine optimization, but for this article, I thought we’d talk about some of the easiest things to do.

Start with a few directories:

If you submit your site to a website directory you can increase the impact your website has. Search engines like websites that make a good impression and have a positive impact. If you take the time to submit your site to several different website directories you could very well be on your way to picking up new visitors.

Some examples of good directories would be:                (Paid)          (Paid)         (Paid)  (Paid)                  (Free)         (Free)                               (Free)               (Free)

Notice that I use the term “submit” your site to directories.  That’s because most directories have no search engine robots but rely on submission as a process where human editors will review your site and accept it.

For search engines, which do have robots, I tend to let the robots find new pages on their own.

Quality related backlinks:

So, basically the better quality the site your backlink comes from the more benefit to you. Ideally you want links from a Web sites related to your topic or industry and related to your audiences interests.

Become a Guest Blogger:

Another easy way to get fast traffic, is to become a guest on someone’s blog. They need quality content and you can supply it.  Quality posts will get you recognized as an expert in your field or niche and if your posts get approved by the blog owner, you can leave a backlink to your website.

Partipation in Forums:

Forums are basically the same thing and you can leave a backlink to your website in the signature section on the forum. Quality posts and comments can make things a whole lot easier for you when it comes to getting traffic to your website.

Remember though that for forums you must contribute to the community and participate, if you want any results.

Start your own Blog:

You could of course start your own blog. Search engines will love you if you have a quality blog of your own. With your own blog you can voice your own opinions about anything and everything concerning the product or service you offer. You can use your creativity to get people to come see for themselves what you are all about. To get the most out of your blog it is important to make frequent posts. You also want to make sure that you include important keywords in the dialog of your blog posts.

Shoot a Free Video

Video is very hot:

If you are not camera shy, you could make a video for your search engine optimization. Making a quality video is a great way to increase traffic to your website. Make sure to keep things interesting and on topic. There are thousands, maybe even millions, of videos uploaded on the internet and from every topic from soup to nuts.


If you are camera shy, there are many, screen capture software products that you can use to make a how-to video, which can offer your viewers a chance to look over your shoulder as you perform a certain task. A lot of people need to be walked through things before they actually do them themselves.

Any of these tips and suggestions will help you optimize your website with all the major search engines and generate a ton of fast online traffic all targeted to your product or service.  After all making money is the whole point, right? There are many, screen capture software products that you can use to make a how-to video, which can offer your viewers a chance to look over your shoulder as you perform a certain task. A lot of people need to be walked through things.

Create Your Own Video 100% Free:

One of my own favorite programs which allow you to make video with voice overs and even add background music, is called and it is 100% free to use.

If you’re looking for yet more ways to increase traffic to your site, read this article on 4 SEO traffic tactics here.