Do keep your profile updated

You would not send a potential employer an out of date CV, and that is essentially what LinkedIn is- Your virtual CV. You can guarantee potential employers will look for you, so make sure you include all your work experience to date, as well as any volunteering, course or training you have undertaken.

Do fill in every section you can

There are many parts to a LinkedIn profile, and filling in every section you can presents a more well- rounded view of yourself to your fellow professionals. Filling in work experience, education and summary section is a no- brainer; whilst adding in any voluntary experience, test- scores patents, second languages and portfolio work (to name but a few sections available) will show off just how impressive you are!

Do list your skills under “skills and endorsements”

The skills and endorsements section is another vital way of promoting your personal brand- So do make sure you list all the skills that you think you have, and invite your connections to endorse you. For example, telling someone you are skilled in web- development is one thing, but having had other people in your network endorse you for it is concrete proof that this is an area of strength.

A good way of generating endorsements is to endorse others, as many will respond in kind to you endorsing them.

Don’t lie about what skills you have

It can be tempting to lie about your skills on LinkedIn, but it goes without saying that this could trip you up. If you apply for a job and an employer has searched your LinkedIn profile where you have mentioned you speak French, do not be surprised if you are then asked to do so at interview!

Don’t treat LinkedIn like Facebook

LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. This means making sure that you present yourself how you wish to be seen by those in your industry. Most likely you will want to be seen as someone who is successful, knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional, so avoid sharing pictures from personal holidays, but do link people to interesting articles related to your work.

Do accept invitations from strangers

This may go against the grain for many, but accepting invitations from people you don’t know can be hugely beneficial, as they may be a potential customer or client seeking to work with you. You can think of LinkedIn as one big networking event, where you may not know anyone in the room, but getting to know them could be of huge benefit to you or your company.

Do join groups

You can find LinkedIn groups for practically any industry, and nothing will help build your personal brand more quickly than joining in group discussions and commenting regularly.