Hey there, content writers! Wanna know how to boost your web writing business and grow your profits? Here at Search Engine Academy, we teach a lot of web writing stuff. We also show you lots of off-page SEO things as well.

I’ve had a couple web writers ask me how they can write better web page content. I’m glad they asked! Here are some simple, valuable skills you can integrate into your web copy writing business (and use to keep your bank account full). These are valuable whether you’re doing SEO for homepage content or editing one of your other pages.

Creating Content Optimized for SEO

Keyword Research – Every good writer (and I know you are one of these) does research on her assigned topics. Well, do keyword research with some simple tools and discover “topics of interest.” This does two things:

  • Help you see what searchers are interested in reading
  • Find out if there are a fairly high number of searches for that topic (which is often the case)

Doing either means that your content will be found more quickly on the internet.

Writing Metadata – Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. I ought to know; I write it all the time, and I’m not a computer scientist. This part is about creating interesting, compelling titles and descriptions for web pages. If you get good at writing these, your web pages could be clicked on more, which gets them ranked higher on Google.

Optimized Content – You could learn how to write copy that has SEO applied to it. It’s like killing two birds with one stone! There’s a balance to be struck when article writing, however, one you can read about here.

Set Up Google Authorship – Set up Google Authorship for your client. This will make you a more effective ghost writer and help you look very Google-savvy.

Create G+ Pages And Communities – create optimized Google Plus communities and pages by writing up descriptive, optimized summaries of the pages to attract followers.

So there you have it: a few easy ways to strengthen your digital content creation and further monetize your writing business. I teach these skills here in DC, so if you’re in the area, come around! I’d love to meet you!

Until next time, keep it between the ditches and don’t let your laptop overheat!

All the best,