Restoring Your Creativity in Keyword Research for SEO or for article marketing.

One aspect to take into consideration when brainstorming for keyword research is that to be most effective in SEO or search engine optimization, you cannot always take the most logical approach. The trouble with most of us as adults, is that in many things, the more logical you are, the more successful you are. Not so when brainstorming for the most effective keywords for Internet marketing.

In an action of brainstorming, you are seeking to come up with something completely different than what has been done before by others. Therefore, taking an illogical approach sometimes helps you render completely new ideas. The challenge for many of us are that we tend to be either on the creative side or else on the analytical side.

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Looking back at the theory that Walt Disney took in the early days, he tended to believe there was room for both highly creative and highly logical thinkers. The creative people were the ones most successful at brainstorming story ideas, gags for his famous cartoons, or dreaming up some new ride at Disneyworld.

When brainstorming, you were encourage to add on to other’s ideas, but if you had a logical streak or presented a question to break the creative flow, then you would join the team of logical thinkers in another room. For example in the midst of a discussion about some new attraction, the group might have been layering idea upon idea, when suddenly, someone blurts out, “But we can’t afford to build this” or “there are 2 reasons this will never work.” Everything creative comes to a complete stop. So instead, Disney would allow someone to say, “Well…we could do that, if we did this first.”

His creative people were called imagineers. They were in one room dreaming up creative concepts, while in another room the analytical group awaited. When the idea was brainstormed out, then Disney would take the concept to the logical group and say to them, “figure out how to develop this and build this attraction.”  No problem, they were logical and could build something to spec.

5 Creative Brainstorming Tips on brainstorming:

1. Take the pressure off yourself and do something fun

Take the pressure off of yourself by doing something fun, something different. When children are allowed to play together, their creativity can go wild. But as we mature, we seem to lose this focus.

In creating the very first search engine workshops back in the very beginning, I would actually take a day to talk business, while walking through Disney world in Orlando. Our very first few Workshops were conducted on Disney property.

2. Stop trying to replicate something that has already been done before.

Far too many  people spend their life trying to analyze and copy the ideas of theirs,  rather than creating something brand new and fresh.

Back in 2002 there were no hands-on SEO training workshops.

But today, the Search Engine Academy has training centers located around the globe in the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and later this year in the United Arab Emirates. Never Assume Life Has Handed You A Lemon!

3. Surround Yourself with the Right Kind of Creative Partners

Surround yourself with the right type of creative minds and only brainstorm with creative people that know how to layer ideas upon ideas. It is good to have logical thinkers too (very important) but use their services down the road to validate, double check on things once your brainstorm has been developed by the creative group.

4. If you Feel Stuck Somewhere – Try Brainstorming in Reverse

Brainstorming is about taking a creative approach. It may help to start, by dreaming up the end result that you’d like to visualize. Then try brainstorming backwards to establish stepping stones to where you are now.

5. Choose carefully whose voices you choose to learn from

What you read, the teaching you absorb and any mentors that you may follow, are all important in fine tuning your own original approaches. Creativity is one of the most powerful influences there is, for reducing your competition, and for capturing the attention of new audiences.

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In Summary – Early Realizations of my own:

I first realized the potential a number of years ago, before starting the Search Engine Academy. I was in the propane gas industry. I began to work with a group of employees in planning an event which was called “Propane Safety Awareness Day.” With everyone’s input, we created an awesome event to educate the public on propane safety. We had a huge tent, various demonstrations, cutaway cylinders that let people see the inside of a propane tank. We ended up pairing the event in support of the literacy counsel and children’s story book reading and a tour of a propane yard. We even had hot air balloon rides. The concept was something I thought up as an experiment, but it’s the brainstorming with the group that brought such a diverse arrangement of activities (thanks to a very creative group of lateral thinkers.)