Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. As someone
who has been making a full time living online for several
years, it always saddens me to see people get taken advantage
of and not fulfilling their dreams of making money online.

The sad thing is, it is partly their own fault. The truth is
that internet marketing success can be had by anyone, as long
as they avoid some rather basic mistakes.

What are some of these basic, common sense mistakes?

It’s pretty easy to set aside your normal common sense when you
are desperate, (and to tell you the truth,) that is what many
companies are counting on. They thrive on taking advantage of
desperate and (/or) greedy people.

If you keep your common sense intact and let it guide you, you
can achieve internet marketing success much more quickly and
with a lot less stress than you may first imagine.

Internet Marketing Success










One of the main points is to get focused and stay focused. Here
is what I mean (oh, and by the way, I think many of us make all
or at least some of these mistakes ourselves when starting out,
so I know what I’m talking about):

1. Before you start to build your online business, make sure
your head is in the right place. If you have a car payment
or a house payment due in a few weeks and you think you are
going to make enough money with your new online business in
that time to pay it, you better think again.

If that is where you are at you would be better off trying to
find another job. You see, building a business online is faster,
cheaper and easier than most anything you could do offline. But,
that does not mean it is fast, cheap or easy. Like most things
in life of any value, it will take time, effort and a little
money too. Are you being driven to make money fast? Better stop
and give yourself a reality check.

If you go into it in the wrong mindset (the idea you can get
something for nothing) the only thing you will accomplish is to
make someone else rich. You will end up buying a ton of products
that make trumped up wild claims about how much you can make and
you won’t make any money, you will only spend money.

2. Next time you read one of those sales letters offering you a
foolproof way to make a ton of money at the push of a button or
using some “lazy man’s way to wealth” take that convincing
sounding dialog and compare it with the message in the fine
print or read the page which is hidden in a link called “the
disclaimer” which usually promises that there are no guarantees
that you will earn any income at all.

3. You must also accept the idea that you will need to learn some
basic skills to be successful online. It’s not hard, but you can’t
go in totally blind with no idea of how it all works and expect to
build a working, profitable business. Life is just not that way.
You would never do that with an offline business, would you?
of course you would not.

4. You have to be willing to allow it to take time. I know, we live
in a world where we expect everything to happen quickly but it will
take time.

How much time?

I can’t tell you, it will depend on how much time you can devote to
your business and how quickly you grasp some basic skills.

I would say, though, that if you take some time to learn some basic
skills, allow about a month at the very least, and you take the time
to actually fine tune those skills and put them to work, say at least
another month or two. You should be able to be making some consistent
money at that point.

But you probably won’t be rich and you may not even be making enough to
quit your day job, yet, but you should be able to see that the method
works and it is within reach. Even a few hundred extra dollars will
help most people out.

5. Don’t make a habit of buying every single new product that comes along.
It sounds crazy, but there are people that are constantly buying the next
new thing that sounds great, but they never use or stay focused long enough
to make anything successful. Remember to choose a business that you feel that
is the right one for you, then stay focused on it, until it becomes
successful. In many respects, Internet Marketing online is no different
than creating an offline business. It’s built on establishing your reputation
and building long lasting client and customer relationships.

These simple tips will help you achieve internet marketing success much
quicker and with less pain and stress.