Twitter is an excellent way of engaging your tribe or your loyal group of fans. While sometimes we say that the follower count is less crucial than the quality of follower, isn’t it always better if you can have the best of both worlds? Moreover, having a solid, large Twitter following allows you to stamp your authority and certainly boost your influence in your field.

Here are 5 tips to help you get started!

1) Be Engaging

The number one tip is to be active on Twitter. You simply cannot grow your following if you hardly even use the platform yourself. Actively tweet, re-tweet and post quality content links- this will boost your discoverability and you will soon find new followers steadily trickle in.

2) Create a Good Profile

Creating a good bio is often neglected by many people! A well-designed, up-to-date profile of yourself on Twitter really goes a long way in bringing in the number of followers. In social media, people actively judge a book by its cover. The Twitter bio is always the first thing that people see and they use it as a tool to relate with you. An uninteresting bio will likely turn away people before they even had the chance to scroll down and look at your tweets.

3) Understanding Hashtags

#understandinghashtagsisveryimportant. (Well, that is the wrong way of doing it.) Hashtags, when used appropriately, provide you with excellent exposure to people who are consuming the same category of content that you are putting out. When they search for posts with similar tags, they will discover your tweets. On the other hand, if you are tagging your tweets with words that are spelt wrongly or simply what we call hashtag ‘stuffing’ (read first example), it will not work! Do your hashtag research properly before tagging.

4) Tweet Quality

Tweeting relevant content is key to attracting more followers! Consume news and think of original, attractive phrases that encapsulates the essence of what you want to say. If you are really unable to come up with any content, re-tweeting interesting tweets help! But you should really try to provide original content of your own for your followers count growth to be sustainable. Be creative. Twitter isn’t just about posting texts, you can include photos or videos to increase the quality of engagement.

5) Schedule Your Tweets

Sometimes, we forget to tweet. It happens. And this is when scheduling your tweets comes in handy! Use an app like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your pre-written tweets to be sent out at specified times of the day so that you will never forget to tweet to your followers again. Remember the importance of consistent engagement!

If you have been struggling to gain a following on Twitter, then start applying these tips today!

One more thing – Don’t spend money to buy fake followers. It’s one of the worst investments you can ever make.