Internet Marketing for your online business continues to change year by year. Keep in mind that these days, you need to not follow the rules that applied even just five years ago.

The days of mass marketing messages are long over. Online users are often busy people who just don’t have the time to sort through tons of information that they find on the web or the volume of stuff they have landing in their e-mail.

Let’s review a few effective tips that will help you invoke a an increased response from your audience. These suggestions will best be applied as you re-work or update your website.

Visualize Your Customer By Creating A Persona

A persona is the aspect of a person’s character or nature that they present to other people, perhaps in contrast to their real character or nature. When you are writing for your audience, try taking the time to visualize an idea buyer.

This can be done easily by doing the following. Take one of your typical buyers from whatever criteria that fits into the group of people that you are targeting (for example web designers, architects, men under forty, home decorators, mechanics or whatever they may be.)

Next, put up a visual picture/photo of what they may look like and give them a name. This will help you visualize your buyer with some sense of character.

Then ask yourself a series of questions that will help you to define the character. Questions such as:

  • What are some of the primary questions that this person will ask me?
  • What are some of the common reasons why this person may not buy? (not enough understanding of the benefits, too costly, what else?)
  • How will this person typically find out about me? (in response to a search, customer referral, what else?
  • What is the typical decision-making process for this person to buy?
  • What type of questions will they ask about my product or service?

It is important to try and visualize that you’re actually speaking with these persona’s when you are writing your marketing messaging. Using this process will help you create your web copy with a much more effective approach. You’ll find you are ending up writing your copy for a specific target audience segment.

Write Your Copy In A Normal, Relaxed and Natural Dialog

Remember that people by nature, enjoy communicating with their friends rather than a stranger. By keeping your tone relaxed so that it just sounds very natural, your message will be more engaging. While spelling and grammatical correctness is important, if you are to heavy on the formalities, you will lose ground on the essence of your marketing message. Write your dialog as though you were speaking with a friend you know.

Opt To Use Genuine Graphics Of Real Customers (Not Tired Stock Photos)

It may not always be possible in all scenarios, but if possible, you want to use graphics of real customers (for example with testimonials). Always remember that people relate best to something that looks more natural, than something that looks cheesy.

Focus On Creating Your Message So That It Communicates With Heart

This is not limited to your message, but think about whatever extra added value that you can give your customer in the way of service, extra bonuses or something that is an obvious perk.

Every business will be different, but if your offer gives more value than you expect to get, it can be a really influential way to build higher credibility and an instant connection with your customers. With the right approach, your message will lead to more sales, more often. And remember that if someone buys from you and is surprised in a good way, by the extra value, then they will come back again and again and they’ll become your customer for a life.