Effective use of social media can have a humongous effect when driving new traffic to your blog (or any other site for that matter). Whilst what works for some bloggers may not work for others, below are four Twitter tricks and tips that can help increase engagement with your account, which in turn will lead to greater traffic to your blog.

1. Don’t Just Use Words

With only 140 characters to play with, Twitter does not give you a lot of room to say a lot. Using a picture or video can help get across what you want to say, without having to be confined to a character count. Are you a photographer? Show off your portfolio. Home brewer? Tweet pictures of some of your creations. Musician? Record a video of your performance and send people from Twitter to that video (which just so happens to be embedded in your blog).

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Repeat Yourself

A lot of experts will urge you not to repeat content- Indeed this may well be good advice for other social media platforms. Twitter on the other hand is an incredibly crowded space, and it is unlikely that everyone who follows you will see your message first time around. Don’t be afraid to say the same thing a few times a day, or at different times during the week- Especially if you are the kind of blogger that only posts once or twice a week, there is no harm in letting Twitter know about it several times with the aim of reaching new people.

3. Make Use Of Your Bio

This tip may sound obvious to many, but some still miss it- Include a link to your blog in your Twitter bio. That way, every time someone clicks on your bio or you appear in the “who to follow” side bar, people can see immediately what you blog about and where to read it. Be sure to write a short description of your blog too, as your blog title might be meaningless.

4. Support Your Competition

To many this may sound counterintuitive, but this can be an amazing way of gaining new followers and visitors to your blog. Bloggers who write about similar topics to you are likely to have a similar target readership as yourself- Promoting their blog could lead to promotion from them as well, exposing both of you to a wider audience.

These 4 tips are just some ideas that should boost your blog visitors. The most valuable thing you can do however is create great blog content- Steering people to a blog is down to marketing, keeping them there is down to the quality of what you write.