At the centre of any marketing strategy should be content. Content should be interesting, informative and often entertaining. Most importantly, it needs to add value and enhance your consumer’s relationship with your brand.

You should be looking at your Twitter analytics (if you don’t know where that is, head over to and prepare to have your mind blown) and analysing what content is getting the most clicks and overall engagement.

You could even conduct your own study to find what content is appealing- Have your friends, family, workers and yourself scroll through their Twitter feed and ask what kind of content catches their eye. Plain text? Images? Quotes? Videos? Below are three simple ideas that should lead to more clicks on your Twitter posts:

1. Create Headlines

Many people worry about fitting all that they want to say into Twitter’s 140 character limit. What can be far more effective for gaining engagement is using headlines, with a link back to your website or blog, which can go into much greater detail about what is addressed in your headline. Below are some examples:

  • 3 ways to get more clicks on Twitter [link]
  • Find out why we are rated 5* on TripAdvisor [link]
  • Are you stuck for words? Let us write them for you [link]

Posting headlines like this achieves a few things. Firstly, the headline is enticing which should lead people to click on your link. This in turn should drive traffic to your website. Secondly using shorter headlines makes the information easier to digest, and should leave room for you to include a picture or image.

2. Use Images

In a study conducted by Twitter themselves, it has been found that engagement with Tweets can increase by up to 30% when an image is included. There are many options of what kind of images you can use that could help engage your audience.

For example using images of quotes can add colour and depth to what you may have written in the first place. You could also use behind-the-scenes shots of your office, or a close-up view of your products. Try to keep all images branded and shot in a similar style- This will mean when somebody sees your images enough times, they will know it is unmistakably you.

3. Ask Questions

Asking questions can be an easy way to drive people certain content that is on your blog or website by simply asking an opinion of it. By asking “what do you think of xxxxxx?” you are trying to elicit a response, and they will need to click on your link to look further. Using a unique #hashtag to track responses is also very helpful; as it will help you track answers.

There are most likely other ways to gain more clicks on your Twitter posts, but the above three examples should offer huge benefit when it comes to gaining clicks through to your website or blog.