Using SEO to generate traffic to your website takes a lot of work, after all, you have to compete with a lot of other websites to earn your spot among the top search results in search engines. To do this, you are going to need to use various search engine optimisation techniques that will boost your rankings and knock out your competition!

  1. Identify and Use Keywords
    Keywords are an  integral part of SEO, and possibly the most important. By using appropriate keywords, you can allow search engine crawlers to pick up on specific words in the content of your website and lead qualified Internet surfers to your website.
  2. Use Google’s Keyword Tool
    This is one of the most helpful keyword tools to use when choosing keywords. Not only does it show you how popular a certain search term is, but it shows how much competition a search term has as well.
  3. Implement Long Tail Keywords
    Long tail keywords are highly underrated, which is what makes them so good! A long tail keyword is a keyword that is longer or more specific than your standard keyword phrase. For example instead of using the keyword phrase “outdoor furniture” a long tail keyword may appear as “outdoor wicker furniture” or “sydney outdoor wicker furniture”. A long tail keyword may not generate as much traffic, but this also means it does not have as much competition either. Although it may not seem like it, these keywords have been proven to bring in the most traffic.
  4. Get Backlinks
    Backlinks have become a very important part of modern day search engine optimisation. These are links that are posted on another website that direct people back to your website. Not only does this allow you to get more traffic from the link itself, but search engines look at backlinks as a vote of confidence and use them to help position a website.
  5. Constantly Update Your Content
    Google and other search engines are becoming more picky on this area of SEO. People do not want to see the same old stale content, so you need to constantly build your website’s content to keep things fresh. Search engines will look favourably on this.
  6. Consider and Invest in Advertisements
    Advertisements are a great way to increase traffic, even though they cost money. Even though many people avoid looking at advertisements, most online advertisements are based on a ‘pay per click’ model. So, you only pay when somebody actually clicks on your ad and visits your website.
  7. Think about Hiring an SEO Agency or Investing in an SEO Course
    SEO agencies can help promote your website by using techniques that most people do not know about. If you do not want to hire an SEO specialist, the next best thing is to sign up for SEO training which will teach you tried and tested techniques, and more than likely cover new SEO practices to embrace in your online marketing endeavour.
  8. Embrace Social Media
    Social media is constantly gaining more momentum and popularity. By simply creating a page on Facebook you can increase your exposure and boost your websites traffic dramatically. There are many other social media sites that you should be taking advantage of including Twitter, LinkedIn and the toddler of the social media world, Pinterest (have a look at our recent series of Pinterest articles).
  9. Ensure Your Site has Page-to-Page Connectivity
    Make sure that your pages all intertwine. Search engine crawlers like it when they can easily go from page to page on your website, and so do website users!
  10. Be Patient
    Ever heard the saying ‘patience is a virtue’? Give your efforts some time to develop. Generating traffic and converting users into clients takes time. Keep an eye on the analytics and make changes accordingly. There is no magic spell for generating traffic to your site, just dedication and time. You didn’t expect this to happen overnight did you?