Movie Film Slate - Ready for Action? Improve your Video StrategyIt was exciting to have the opportunity to interview Jeremy Vest, founder and CEO of Vidpow. Jeremy is a leading expert in internet marketing and specializes in teaching video marketing to YouTube users and businesses.

It’s true that videos can help increase your rankings and visibility in Google, however it takes more than just creating one branded video for your home page to make a difference.

This twenty minute interview is packed with tips and techniques that are both practical and insightful.

10 Key Video Marketing Concepts and Tips

  1. Share your video with family friends and through social channels to jump start the traffic and views.
  2. View duration is the #1 ranking factor on YouTube – create videos that people are watching. YouTube only ranks videos that people watch – Brilliant!
  3. Engagement is the #2 ranking factor on YouTube – likes, comments, and shares count. It’s all about putting the human side into video SEO.
  4. Embedding a YouTube video on on your page used to increase the chances that your page would display in with a video thumbnail on the search engine results page – that’s no longer the case.
    1. If you embed a Youtube video on your page, YouTube will most likely rank ahead of you.
    2. Your page may outrank YouTube if your page has a lot of value, but it won’t include the video thumbnail.
    3. Do the right things for your YouTube video SEO strategy such as optimizing titles, descriptions, and include a transcript AND embed a self-hosted video on your web page to increase the chances of your page ranking and displaying the video thumbnail.  You’ll want to be sure to implement a video XML sitemap.
  5. Unless you’re rich, famous, or really attractive no one gives a crap about your message.”  – in other words, don’t talk about how great you and your brand are, instead focus on answering questions and providing valuable information to your customers and prospects.
  6. Be at the corner of what people are looking for with the right type of content (be the answer they are looking for), you’re going to do really well with video marketing.
  7. If you already have an established YouTube channel before setting up a Google Plus page, it’s possible to associate a page to a channel in the advanced settings of your YouTube account.
  8. You MUST have a Google Plus Page (not a profile) associated with YouTube. All comment monitoring must be done through Google Plus.
  9. Your content needs to entertain or help people. Create good content that is purpose driven and the rest will come easily.
  10. 33% of the people who come to YouTube is looking for a “how to” answer to a question. For a business a “how to” videos is going to be the fastest and easiest way to build a video inventory that matters.

The moral of the story – create good video content for your visitors first and worry about the search engines second.

I hope you enjoy the interview with Jeremy as much as we did!

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