How an SEO Course Can Benefit You

One of the first benefits that each participant experiences through accelerated learning in one of our SEO training workshops is being able to quickly grasp a certain “comfort level” and an understanding of an exact working process. It is particularly beneficial for those looking to start their own online business.

The goal is for the SEO workshop attendee to gain a quick and effective handle on the freshest SEO and social media skills without the attendee feeling “hurried” or “frazzled” or “stressed.”

Over the years, we have found that the most effective training is to conduct a small SEO training class that features plenty of hands-on exercises and personal one-on-one attention so that students actually “learn by doing.” This “hands-on workshop” environment is considerably different than your typical or traditional “seminar” in quite a number of ways.

Let’s give you just a few of the benefits that all contribute to the participants advantage through accelerated learning and increased knowledge retention in minimal time:

1. Benefits Of Personalized SEO Training

You are not lost in a room with hundreds of other people. Instead, you at a very personalized workshop where you actually have the opportunity to get to know your Instructor as well as the other business owners attending the workshop.

2. Experience SEO Training That Is Focused 100% On Your Business

At Search Engine Academy, we make our very best effort to not only get to know about you, but to learn about your business (if you already have one). You will find the training to be focused on your specific priorities that are relevant to your site. You are encouraged to bring along your laptop and your current website, which all contribute to your learning experience.

3. Quickly Separate Fact From Fiction In Minimal Time

As the training begins, your instructor works with you to understand exactly what is most important to your business. Once we understand this, we focus on teaching you how to work to target your ideal buying audience. At this phase, fact is separated from fiction so that everyone can begin to focus on the skills they need to know. This is unlike other training companies that tend to focus on trying to teach you how much you need to buy some tool. Sometimes the other training companies tend to just gloss over things and deliver only a broad overview of SEO.

4. Have ALL Of Your SEO and Online Marketing Questions Answered

At Search Engine Academy, you can count on having all of your personal questions answered by your instructor. Each participant will enjoy and take advantage of your Web site being reviewed in detail. Regardless of whether you attend the Basic Essentials Class or the 5 Day Complete Basic and Advanced workshop, you will find that the time is focused 100% on your business.

5. We Recognize Your Natural Skills and Abilities

Are your natural gifts and skills being considered? Often, we find that our workshop attendees actually have some significant talents which are stronger in one direction than a student may even realize. Our instructors watch you as you perform your SEO exercises and will bring certain things to your attention, where you could have hidden latent potential. Some people have a gift for writing or content marketing. Others may be more leaning towards a marketing mindset and do exceptionally well at things like working with press releases or media. Still others may have talents in things like creativity, keyword forensic research, writing for social media, or talent with writing very compelling copy, which could be useful for PPC or AdWords strategies. Whatever your hidden latent potential might be, your instructor will be watching and looking for each participant’s specific natural leanings and talents.

6. Interactive Group Learning Sessions

Another effective occurrence that many of our graduates have found to be both helpful and enjoyable are the carefully applied group exercises in class, with everyone brainstorming together to come up with unique solutions.

7. Absorb The Full Scope Of Internet Marketing Skills, Basic Through Advanced

The hands-on workshops are structured in a way that allows the student to learn the entire spectrum of strategies from basic essentials to very advanced on the basis of daily learning, building one skill on top of the next in a very “stress-free” fashion. This does not rely on a lot of technical talk, but communicates each strategy in an “easy to understand” manner.

8. Benchmark Your Daily Progress With Regular Evaluations

Each day, the student expands and grows their expertise, continually learning more, and is able to benchmark their experience with a daily evaluation.

9. Includes Examination And Certification Of Skills

The Search Engine Academy Workshops include an SEO training certification exam in which the student graduates with a minimum average of 76%. We find that many graduates do much better than 76% because of the way the class has been structured.

10. Ongoing Support With A Free 6 Month Mentoring Program

Another value added component of the SEO training workshops is that each SEO graduate is given free ongoing support with a six-month mentoring program. This allows you to stay in touch with your Instructor, have your pages reviewed, and have any questions answered that may come up after class.

If you find that your learn better as an individual, Search Engine Academy offers a variety of training-based and subscription-based SEO courses for individuals.