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Photo of Ross Barefoot, Master SEO Trainer

Ross Barefoot

Trainer, Grand Junction, Colorado
SEO Experience: 15 years
Web Development, Content Creation, Technical SEO, SEO Analysis

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Email | Google+ | LinkedIn
Ph: +1 970 773 5222

Steve Scott

Trainer, Tampa Florida, New York, NY
SEO Experience: 20 years
  Analytics, WordPress, Local SEO
Email | Google+ | LinkedIn
Ph: +1 877 736 7361

Sue Cooper

Trainer, Australia
SEO Experience: 14 years
Specialties:  Google Analytics, LinkedIn, WordPress
Email | Google+ | LinkedIn
Ph: +617 3170 3280

Greg Mate

Trainer, Montreal, Canada
SEO Experience: 13 years
  Web Design, Usability, Conversion Optimization
Email | Google+ | LinkedIn
Ph: 1-866-588-9707

Beth Kahlich

Trainer, Dallas, Texas
SEO Experience: 9 years
Google AdWords, Mobile SEO, YouTube
Email | Google+ | LinkedIn
Ph: +1 (469) 431 5215

Mitch Albert

Trainer, Orange County
SEO Experience: 17 years
Lead Generation, Dynamic Websites, PPC
Email | LinkedIn
Ph: +1 562 596 7557

Miho A. Karlic

Miho Karlic

Trainer, Central & Eastern Europe
SEO Experience:
 15 years
 Multilingual SEO, Competitive Analysis, Structured Data
Email | LinkedIn
Ph: +385 20 312 400

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