Howdy doody my SEO friends! What’s shakin’ and bakin’ with your websites today? We’re talking about applying SEO to your website to jump over the competition in search results. There’s a lot of elements, but today we’re going to go over one of the most important things you can do for your website that will make it look good for the search engines. Ready? Here we go.

Links. Yep, links – to and from your site, and within as well. Stay tuned, here we go!

Google places lots of emphasis on links. Whole lots. Why? Because they’re Google. So, we are going to go along with the gospel according to Google, which is links.

First off, having your website pages linked from another website is pretty darn good, as long as the other site is reputable, compliments yours, and isn’t selling links. Don’t ever do that. Ever. Google knows those sites and will not look upon you favorably, i.e., boost your web pages in its search results. So don’t buy links from other sites.

Links from just any website won’t do, though. If that were the case, we could swap links with everyone else in our business networking circles and be done with it. As an example, it does me no good at all from Google’s point of view to link to the local heating, plumbing and air conditioning guy. Or my favorite local coffee house which is not part of a large chain. I need to find links that compliment my industry – search engine optimization consulting, training or website infrastructure architecture.

So go out and find really nice websites and let them know you’re linking out to them, and oh by the way, you’d sure appreciate the same kind of link love, as we call it. There are a variety of different ways to request links from other sites.  Make it a very personal request, and tell the webmaster the text link you want, along with a specific web page. And by the way, don’t make it your home page. Send those visitors to your most important product or service pages.

And when you create a text link, be sure to use a keyword phrase that your target audience would use, or a variation on it. This is yet another use of all those great keyword phrases you found when doing your keyword research.

Finally, you can increase your chances of leapfrogging over your competition in search results by linking your own web pages to one another. This does a couple things. First, it makes Google happy, and if there’s one thing you should know about SEO, it’s about making Google happy, who can make you happy by boosting your website’s ranking in search results.

Next, you really, really help out your website visitors because in addition to the navigation bars you have so thoughtfully provided on your website, you’ve given them even more and easier ways to find the other important pages on your website. So it’s all good! And again, use a keyword phrase or a synonym of it to create that text link. It’s much more descriptive than simply writing “Click here,” or “Go back.”

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Until next time!

SEO, Your Links and Your Competition was last modified: February 21st, 2012 by Nancy Wigal
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