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If you’re an individual who wants to gain the most insight into the inner workings of Google and the other search engines, the Complete SEO Training Workshop gives you a leg up over your competitors, even if they have a professional SEO company working with them. Most students choose the Complete SEO training because of all the material that’s covered. In addition graduates of the Complete Workshop enjoy another six months of mentoring with the instructor. This way, as you continue to practice your new-found skills, if you have a problem or get stuck, you still have help to keep your techniques fresh. Read more about the Complete SEO Training Workshop
The Advanced SEO Training Workshop is a more in-depth program designed for the person who already basic SEO skills. In the advanced program, you’ll learn how to overcome personalized search engine results that hinder even professional SEOs. You’ll learn advanced keyword forensics and research, and with these skills, you’ll discover keywords that others consistently miss, and go right to the top. Discover how social media can be a powerful key to getting traffic and search engine results even more quickly than a stand-alone “SEO” process. Read more about the Advanced SEO Training Workshop
The Basic SEO Training Workshop provides you with two full days of instruction, practice and workbook materials to ensure you have the basics that will guarantee results. The techniques taught during the Basic workshop do not require technical or HTML (hypertext markup language) knowledge. You’ll practice and learn our easy six-step approach to getting results right away. Read more about the Basic SEO Training Workshop

As a web developer it’s easy to think that you know what to do when it comes to SEO. I am truly thankful to Beth Kahlich for expanding my knowledge of the entire SEO discipline. Brent Rusk

Freelance Web Developer Designer

Sue has an amazing understanding of SEO and she makes it easy to understand and put into practice. Sue takes immense pleasure in helping you get your business “discoverable”. Elisa Mayenco

Owner, First Class Accounts

I have a great general knowledge of SEO now. 200% more than I knew walking in. Steve has an attention grabbing and authoritative way of teaching us. I left class each day excited to head back to the hotel and do some work. Joseph H

I took a 5-day SEO workshop in San Francisco, which Tom taught. He was generous with his time, and he clearly explained some complex topics (now I know what a robots.txt file is).  I recommend Tom’s SEO training. James M

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